Neil Kimelman

Rebid by Opener

    N-S Vul. As North you hold:  ♠K  J105 A875 AJ953



West North East South
1 1 1
1NT P P 2
P ?    


What do you bid?


David BMay 6th, 2010 at 3:50 pm

I read your comments on the unit site, and I have 1 suggestion for this hand, that adds a lot of flexibility to get to the right contract. Why not bid 3D now, I do not think that can show Diamonds, since you would have doubled 1N, you should not have good Spades, since you would have bid 2S, you should not have 4H, since you can raise Hearts directly, I think it should show pretty close to what you have. Unsure about the suit, and invitational values, this also brings 3N into the range of possibilities if partner has something like Qx in that suit.

Neil KimelmanMay 6th, 2010 at 6:10 pm

I like it Dave. it seems right to be agressive with this hand. There are two dangers of bidding 3D:

1) Getting too high

2) If partner has a weak 6-4, he will sign off in hearts which I expect will be an inferior contract with the expected 4-3 fit and likely 4-2 split.

I like 2S as a rebid. This is partially encouraging as partner knows that you have some support for spades. If he passes the possible 5-1 should play well, ruffing diamonds in your hand if necessary.

If partner rebids a major, you have an easy raise to game.


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